How Can I Benefit From CBD Oil?

CBD oil is not an isolated component of marijuana; rather, it is the active ingredient in hemp, the plant from which marijuana is derived. CBD is believed to work as a mood stabilizer, anti-convulsant, anti-anxiety, anticonvulsant, neuroprotective, anti-inflammatory, antipsychotic, anti-toxic, and antibacterial. There are many reasons why CBD has been used for so many years in conjunction with cannabis, but it is only recently that the benefits of this compound have been investigated scientifically.Checkout CBD Oil for more info.

A team from the University of Colorado School of Medicine conducted studies using rats in order to discover exactly what CBD does for human beings. They conducted brain scans on the animals before, during, and after they were given CBD or an equivalent placebo. Afterward, the rats were put under several stressful situations. They did well under both stressful situations; the difference being that rats given CBD did much better when exposed to a stressful situation than they did when under one.

This new research offers a promising path toward medical research; however, the findings are still preliminary and need to be backed up by further studies. More studies need to be conducted to determine exactly how CBD works within the human brain. Scientists need to also establish a safe and effective dosage. The National Institutes of Health is currently funding a series of studies to determine whether or not CBD can benefit humans. If the results prove that CBD works, CBD may be a viable option for treating various mental health conditions.

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