How to Fix a Pipe that might be Leaking – A Complete Guide

Water is continually leaking from the rag you have wrapped in the water pipe around the pin hole. Let’s see how easy it is to repair the drip and give you peace of mind. With some of the great changes in the last few years in plumbing fittings, it has become quite easy to repair plumbing.Checkout How to fix a pipe that might be leaking for more info.

Many leaks are induced by only a few things. In the copper wire, the pin hole is caused by pitting within the pipe. This is usually caused by low water quality. To cause a hole within the pipe that finally gets through to the outside, the inside of the pipe flakes off. These are also given away first by the green spot that is normally found on the exterior of the copper tubing. This is caused by the water’s mineral evaporation from the surface of the tubing. So there is a leak in all reality until there’s a leak. The other major difficulty is that two separate kinds of pipes are joined together. Two examples are Copper and PVC, or Copper and Pex. The rate of expansion of the two distinct kinds of materials is very different. This creates agitation where the two cross, and continuous movement. Eventually, this movement can cause enough of a gap to allow the water to spill out.

There were numerous redneck remedies out there until recently, most of which included garden hoses, inner tubes, hose clamps, epoxy, and many more innovative fixes. To explain all of them, I have seen many too many. With a quick push fitting, there is now a better way to repair those leaks. The new push fitting system requires the pipe to be cut at the hole and then easily forced into the pipe to repair the leak by a coupling. Having the pipe cut neatly is the hardest part of the entire process. It is also possible to use the same fitting to replace those troublesome plastic with copper unions that often seem to provide problems. It is no longer an issue to enter multiple piping forms.