Mosquito Repellents – What to Use?

Another disease borne by the mosquito reared its ugly head. How do you get mosquito repelling? You need to cover yourself with mosquito repellent, because this year again Eastern Equine Encephalitis (EEE) was spotted.You can get additional information at Blue Planet Pest ControlSummer Pest Prevention.

EEE has a deeply horrific “33 per cent mortality rate” and “serious brain damage among most survivors,” according to the Centers for Disease Control. We are discussing a real threat, not just something that is happening in other parts of the developing world.

And how do you protect yourself? Repellent mosquito! Staying indoors is not possible 100 percent of the time so you have to cover yourself.

The repellents from mosquitoes come in many shapes, sizes and configurations. Which mosquito repellents work, which are helpful and which are more dangerous than the diseases which they are intended to prevent? Some guidelines for making your mosquito repellent decisions are as follows:

DEET: Major no no no! DEET is a neurotoxin, a synthetic drug that affects brain activity. People can absorb over 50 per cent of DEET through their skin. The absorption rate skyrockets when combined with a sunscreen. Don’t even consider using DEET unless you like the idea of poison absorbance.

Mosquito Misting Systems-A chance to spray toxic chemicals in nature. They use synthetic pyrethroids that help kill mosquitoes, honey bees, butterflies and even small dogs. These misting systems can help with mosquitoes, but if the wind blows or the mosquitoes fly around the mist, then there is no benefit while many Nature friends are compromised.

Citronella-offends mosquitoes with citronella. Note the word ‘offenses’-it does n’t kill and even the word repulses is too powerful. When a mosquito just isn’t that hungry, then citronella is good. But if that mosquito is ready to procreate and wants a meal in the blood, citronella is of no use-the mosquito will bust right through!

Natural products-We’ve all walked through a green product laundry list hoping something will work. They come in a range of essential oils such as lemon grass, peppermint etc. and most work much as citronella does. Still only slightly successful, they are offensive. But there’s one ingredient doing the job …

Natural cedar based repellents-Bingo! Cedar is the magic potion because cedar is fatal to pests and yet harmless to humans, animals and the environment. Honey bees, butterflies or small dogs are not hurt by cedar. Yet, for mosquitoes, cedar is a death knell. And a cedar repellent is not only green in it, but will actually work!

Louise Hodges is the owner of Greenbug that sells products that use cedar as the active ingredient for the pest control. Greenbug offers alternatives to chemical pesticides which are synthetic.