Plano Scratch Kitchen- A Closer Look

The next significant step, having agreed to open a restaurant, is to consider what kind of restaurant you would want it to be. Stuff like the interior design, the kind of menu you intend to create, and the amount of employees you may need to employ would all rely on the restaurant ideas you ‘re considering.

Having a concept for the restaurant you want to start, is one thing. It will depend on what you like, since you are going to spend a lot of time running it. The other more important thing though is the location you choose for your restaurant. Restaurant concepts only function if the restaurant style is in the right location.I strongly suggest you to visit Plano Scratch Kitchen to learn more about this.

Gastronomic Types

The restaurant style, its decor, its atmosphere and its menu will depend a lot on the type of restaurant that you want to set up.

  • Fast Food Joints-Fast Food Joints may be formed or what is often known as a quick service restaurant. It can be single cuisine or a restaurant with a minimum sit-in arrangement. The concepts of restaurants vary, as some may not have any sit-in arrangements and are purely catering for patrons taking-away. Food is usually cooked in bulk in such establishments, and is readily available for removal.
  • Casual Restaurants-These restaurants can provide table service, although most restaurants have buffet style services. The ambience is relaxed and the food is not really pricey. These restaurants cater to clientele who are in the fast food joints between the regulars and those who dine in the restaurants on the market.
  • Up Market Restaurants-these are full-service restaurants with high prices. The decoration of these restaurants is expensive and the atmosphere is in keeping with the high quality clientele that the restaurant wants to attract. The staff is well trained and the waiters in formal wear who attend the guests are attired.

You will also have to decide whether to open a restaurant that only serves breakfast to regulars throughout the week; or whether you want to set up a coffee shop that serves coffee , tea, and casual meals during the daytime. Concepts will vary from other concepts for these types of establishments.


The concepts of restaurants vary according to the ethnicity of the cuisine you wish to serve. Kitchens that are popular with the regulars eating out include, among others, Chinese, Italian, English , French, Indian, Japanese , Korean, Thai, Vietnamese, Caribbean, German.

Ethnic restaurants serve the cuisine from that city , region or world. The restaurant’s design and ambience must always be in line with the ethnicity.