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Find an agent who works for buyers full time. If you get someone who manages both buyers and sellers, there is a risk of a conflict of interest. You would also want to get someone who is an approved buyer agent, as this indicates their capacity and willingness to work with the buyer’s best interests. Have a look at The Pro Team – Keller Williams Realty, Gainesville for more info on this.

Get as many realty agent reviews as you can. It would be a good idea to listen to them if someone you know has had some positive or bad interactions with your local realtors. Keep away from anybody they think has been bad, and call anyone they say has done well for them.

In order to get a clear understanding of the competence of potential realty agents, there are a few crucial questions that you can pose. The first is how long they’ve done their job for. You want someone who’s got years of experience, not a first timer. Next, find out if they are selling full-time real estate or whether it’s just a part-time gig. You want someone to devote their entire time to selling your house. Finally, inquire how many houses in the last six months have been closed. You will want to keep searching if there’s anything less than six, or one per month.

Ask the realty agents to accept a flat rate rather than a cooperative split, where they split the commission of the selling agent. If they do that then selling the house to you for more is in their interest, so they get more cash.

Focus on an open contract that enables you to use as many real estate agents as you want and if you end up finding the house yourself, you do not have to pay. Don’t let yourself get wrapped up in an adverse deal.

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