Things to Consider When Hiring a Roofing Contractor

To shield your home from the elements, your roof is the first line of protection. A leaky roof will cause the rest of your home to have serious problems, so much thought should go into hiring a roofing contractor when repairing an old roof. Visit us on Roofing Contractor Near Me.

Some topics to remember are here:

1) How long has the organisation been in business?

2) Does the company follow the requirements of the manufacturer regarding materials and craftsmanship? This is crucial because if your roof is built incorrectly, the manufacturer will void the guarantee.

3) Are they going to absolutely tear the old roof down, check the decking and repair some rotted wood?

4) Can they ventilate the attic properly? If not then your warranty is not worth the paper on which it is printed.

5) Do they have happy clients’ references?

Until settling on a contractor, many customers get two or three estimates and many go for the least costly proposal. Sadly, many would find out later that it was just the cheapest in the short term. If proper materials (such as quality water shield, underlay and drip edge) are not used and the attic is not ventilated correctly, then shingles can fail. To prevent leaks in valleys and around chimneys, flashing must also be done properly.

As long as the installation complies with its requirements, Shingle producers can stand behind the warranty. If those conditions are not met, then it is up to the contractor to fix the issue. Sadly, as such issues occur, many customers can’t find a contractor.

It’s a costly project to repair your roof by trying to go cheap! Do not add to the cost! Ask questions about the materials for your future roofing contractor. Ask them to prove you that they adhere to the requirements of the manufacturer. Ask if they are going to ventilate the attic and make them show you that it is approved by the manufacturer. More than justifying their estimation, a good roofing contractor will.