Truck Accident Lawyer: Things to Avoid After a Crash

If you’ve been in a crash that has resulted in injury and the ability to contact a truck accident lawyer to handle your quest for compensation, there are some things you ‘d be better off after the incident avoid. I strongly suggest you to visit drinking and driving to learn more about this. Hiring a good attorney might be your best chance of winning a judgment or settlement, but making some very common mistakes can ruin your chances. Although not to be confused or taken as legal advice, here are some of the things you want to avoid following a major crash.

Don’t discuss the accident

If the police are asking you questions about the incident, you should tell them all you know, of course, but the same can not be said for any conversations you have with the other driver, the insurance company, or anyone else except a lawyer for a truck accident. People tend to admit fault even when they have no responsibility whatsoever for what happened. If you do so, any case you might decide to put to court in the future will be a big blow. Be very careful about what you’re saying, and refer your counsel to the opposing insurance company.

Refrain From Excuses

Most people don’t take a simple “sorry” to admit fault in a crash, but that’s how it can play. You don’t want to admit any blame, even though you see your actions as partly responsible for what happened from an objective eye. Let a jury decide who bore the blame for the incident ‘s major brunt. If you start apologizing, it will come across as if you admit that if you had done anything differently you might have avoided the accident. As you can see, this relieves their own burden on the other side.

Don’t ignore medical care

For one thing, it’s always hard to say how badly you were hurt in a crash. Often a car meeting a semi on the road is not a pretty sight to the car. You may feel lucky to have sustained no serious injuries. The injuries, at the same time, could be worse than you know. Don’t go home assuming all is well. At least get on-the-spot medical attention and let the paramedics give you a once-over. As far as an eventual court case is concerned, if you refused medical attention on the scene, it will look suspicious to a jury, only to later claim injuries (although this is often how injuries reveal themselves). Even the best truck accident solicitor may have a hard time overcoming that misunderstanding.