Why You Need A Personal Injury Lawyer

It’s a joke that every personal injury lawyer in the country wants to hear: “I wasn’t injured too much. I don’t need a personal injury lawyer.” If those people knew how mistaken they really were, they ‘d be shocked. When it comes to defending your interests after an incident in a court of law, there’s nothing you can do to improve your situation that’s more successful than hiring a good personal injury lawyer. Phillips Law Offices is one of the authority sites on this topic.

No matter how seriously you have been hurt or who was responsible, a competent personal injury lawyer will help you obtain the money you need and heal from your injuries, step out and take back your life. They can’t do that unless you let them know you need them to! You’ll be helped by your personal injury lawyer:

  1. A) Prove that the other party was responsible, beyond the shadow of a doubt. While ideally a person who had caused another person to do bodily harm himself would step up to the plate and take responsibility for their actions so that the injured person can take back control of their lives, this is rarely the case.

Nobody would want to be guilty!

Your personal injury lawyer will help you gather the evidence that will show their negligence at this stage, and they will file the requisite petition with the court to get your lawsuit on the docket to get you a step closer to winning the compensation you deserve.

  1. B) Receive a settlement that meets your needs and not the needs of those who pull financial strings. Often insurance agencies will urge accident victims not to involve a personal injury lawyer, claiming they will take care of everything — after all, that’s why you pay them a monthly premium!

What these companies don’t tell you is that you’ll be lucky if the amount is enough to cover your debts when the time comes for you to actually get your settlement. Such forms of payments never provide the claimant with anything other than the funds they need to pay their hospital expenses, the cost of the property damage and, rarely, a rehabilitation therapy. Medicines, co-payments, in-home care and child care (for the time you ‘re off your feet) are still left out of pocket to pay.

  1. C) Keep others from swallowing you alive. Lawyers love it when the opposition chooses to portray itself, a process known as Pro Se appearing, because that opens the door wide for them to pull out their degree and leave you confused, upset and, most importantly, penniless.

Your personal injury lawyer will be a crucial part of your team when it comes to getting the compensation you deserve in the event of an incident, so do not hesitate to contact a lawyer to represent you before taking legal action to ensure your protection. This is five minutes of your day which will receive incredible rewards.